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- Master degree on material process engineering -10+ years experience on manufacure and supplier quality management on energy and aero-engine business -Now, deep engagement on cost value engineering and procurement engineering, with focus on design optimization and cost out on supply chain -Systematic cost and value analysis methodology + complex problem solving skill -One 7 year old boy, always try to do body exercise but always have excuse to give up.

What’s more we can expected from regional procurement hub?

Global sourcing & Regional procurement hub

Global sourcing, as a big lever to reduce product cost, plays a critical role for a company, especially for multinational corporation’s (MNCs). Herewith regional procurement hub is one key organization set up in this aspect. To support on regular daily sourcing activities and benefit from cost is the key responsibility, like supplier negotiation, quality control, expediting, coordination. Does that mean everything for a regional procurement hub? What’s more regional hub could contribute, and how the future organization to adapt the business demand? Continue reading

Active procurement role on driving big cost out projects

Supply chain management (SCM) has developed and changed so quickly to meet new business mode and market requirements today. Procurement as one of most important element in SCM is also undergoing significant change, which in sequence impacts its role and responsibility in whole organization. What’s new from procurement to bring bigger impact on business is really an interesting topic worth to understand and explore. This post to explain how procurement acts as a more active role and brings impact in one localization (cost out) project based on author’s experience. In here, Procurement engineer plays the interface/lead role from procurement organization.

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Procurement engineering: Wise design via global suppliers involvement

It’s an unreachable target that request a design engineer today to have all aspects knowledge to develop a fancy product under age of knowledge explosion. Technology and science has developping so quickly and unevenly in all corners of the world. New material, novel manufacture methods, innovative processes are poping up everyday and everywhere. How to design a product not only meet functional requirements but also cost effective and manufacturefriendly is really an insteresting topic but also challenge, especially under today’s tough business situation and complex global business enviroment. Obviously, procurement engineering could provide one of the answer on this aspect through early global suppliers involvement.

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