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How to use “Target pricing” and „Target costing” in procurement and what is the difference?

All of you already have experienced the difference between cost and price. Before and after the holiday weekend the fuel price is significantly different while the cost stayed the same. In procurement we deal with supplier prices every day, but is there any value for us to investigate the potential price of our product? The following article will elaborate on the difference of cost and price and how we need to use it in our daily procurement world.

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Essential methods for „Design to Value” (DtV) in Procurement and Cost & Value Engineering – Design to Cost

We talk about “Design to Value” and “Design to Cost” how to run related projects, but before we start to talk about the methods how to lever “Design to Value” (DtV) we have to understand what “Design to Value” means. Basically, DtV means a design approach for new products or systems where the maximization of the value for the customer is the determinant target. In a broader sense, DtV extends the Design to Cost approach by further methods and approaches. Every design feature or design concept is therefore measured whether or how much value it creates for the customer or not.

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Procurement engineering: Wise design via global suppliers involvement

It’s an unreachable target that request a design engineer today to have all aspects knowledge to develop a fancy product under age of knowledge explosion. Technology and science has developping so quickly and unevenly in all corners of the world. New material, novel manufacture methods, innovative processes are poping up everyday and everywhere. How to design a product not only meet functional requirements but also cost effective and manufacturefriendly is really an insteresting topic but also challenge, especially under today’s tough business situation and complex global business enviroment. Obviously, procurement engineering could provide one of the answer on this aspect through early global suppliers involvement.

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