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Procurement tasks prior to the start of a R&D project

The work of Procurement Engineering does not start with the kick-off of a R&D project. There are tons of tasks prior to the design work. The following post will provide a crisp list of necessary activities and tasks before the real design work starts. Before we go into the details we need to say goodbye to the idea that procurement buys stuff engineering has designed and the we start to work once the design is finished. When procurement is invited to discuss how to set up a cross-functional team to support the newest development project the responsible procurement engineer has already a full list with different home work activities. So, what is to do …?

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What is Procurement Engineering?

If you search the web for “Procurement Engineering” you will find different job descriptions on websites like Stepstone or Monster but no further information about that function in procurement or engineering organizations around the globe. This is somehow surprising has the need for systematic involvement of procurement and supply chain management in the early phase of product development is emerging and gets more and more relevance. There is hardly no procurement conference where this topic is not on the agenda.  

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